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Even if you already have diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or another chronic condition there are actions you can take to help you better manage your illness. Lifestyle changes such as eating more healthful food and getting more exercise, whether it‘s a 30 minute walk, a bike ride, or a swim, can help you reach and maintain your ideal target numbers. This will go a long way to avoid complications and prolong your life.

A chronic disease often requires on-going care by a healthcare provider along with your cooperation in learning and practicing self-management techniques. The way to successfully self-manage any chronic condition can be simple if you make the decision to take control and remember these two important steps.

Step 1 Make Healthy choices
  • Eat Healthy
  • Be Active
  • Avoid Tobacco

Step 2 You take the Lead in your healthcare

  • Know your Numbers
  • Work with your Healthcare Provider

While healthcare providers offer different courses of treatment to lessen the effects of symptoms caused by chronic disease, chronic disease self-management is about people being actively involved in their own health care to maximize their quality of life. It is important to be responsible for your health because the treatment recommendations your doctor makes won’t do any good unless you follow them. With ongoing care, a person may well learn to manage chronic disease without disrupting other areas of his or her life. Management of symptoms simply becomes part of the daily routine.

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